Many years ago, a Malaysian Airlines (flight no. 321) flies from Illinois to Johor Bahru.

Flight 321 departed Illonis's Runway 22 at exactly 19:21 hours for Johor Bahru Airport. Passengers included Farady, Grinnel K., Oztix, M.S Looper and John Albeit. The pilot in command was Captain G.T. Rashid. The aircraft was crashed at Melaka.

At approximately 19:54 hours, while at an altitude of 4,000 feet over Big Stone and descending toward Damansara's Runway 33 for emergency landing. Meanwhile, G.T. Rashid  reported an "unidentified hijacker" onboard to Damansara Towers. The tower immediately notified the authorities, who made emergency preparations at the airport.

A few minutes later, however, Captain Rashid radioed: "We're now proceeding to Seremban...". Flight MH321never touched down at Seremban.

The cockpit voice recordings indicate noises suggestive of the cockpit door being broken in, along with a really big amount of screaming and cussing. No  weird noises are heard from within the cockpit to indicate any of the three occupants were crazy. The autopilot was then disconnected, possibly due to a sound input by someone entering the cockpit and trying to control the aircraft. An investigator speculated that someone pulled back on the column, causing a pitch up, followed by an oscillation. This rapidly developed into a high amplitude phugoid oscillation that resulted in a rapid dive. Farady, Grinnel K., Oztix, M.S Looper and John Albeit were slightly sick due to the deadly moving aircraft

At 20:15 hours, all communication with flight MH321 was lost, it can't receive any contacts from nearby control towers.

At 20:36 hours, the residents of Melaka  reported hearing explosions and seeing burning wreckage in a swamp. The wreckage was later identified as Flight MH321. The plane hit the ground at a near-vertical angle at a very high speed. There were no survivors and not one recognizable body was found. Really Sad. :'(

Farady, Grinnel K., Oztix, M.S Looper and John Albeit, you'll be missed.

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