The Blog Policies here at Random Central are pretty facile.

  • No spam — This means creating a blog for the sole purpose of advertising another website, organization or company. These blogs will be immediately removed when noticed and you will be blocked from further editing.
  • No hate speech — This is when you create a blog just to insult or start a flame war against another user. These sort of blogs will be deleted when discovered.
  • No blank blogs — "Blank blogs" are blogs without any sort of content. They will be deleted from the wiki when discovered.
  • No irrelevant blogs — Generally, this means blogs that are unrelated to Random Central. Examples include off-wiki announcements/discussions (e.g. updates or disputes from another wiki). Please keep this sort of discussion off Random Central.
  • No gibberish blogs — "Gibberish Blogs" are blogs which only consist of gibberish characters and or nonsense, and have no real meaning. Examples include "dasjihsdbjijdsb", "!!!!!!!!!!!!" or similar.
  • No fanfic blogs — While we appreciate users creating Fanfics on the wiki. They should always be added to the "Fanfic" namespace. Please see Project:Fanfic for more information.

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