The Talk page Policies here at Random Central are the general rules which apply to every users' User talk page.

  • No posting messages to yourself — If you need to announce something important (e.g. inactivity) then it's perfectly fine to post it on your talk page. Examples of what not to post include:
    • I love myself!!
    • Message to self...
    • Wow, a talk page dedicated to me!
      • It is also perfectly fine to reply to messages left on your own talk page.
  • No personal attacks — Any sort of personal attacks left on a users talk page will be reverted. You will then be warned or blocked depending on the severity.
  • No removal of talk page messages — Users must not remove any messages from anyones talk page (include their own) unless it's in violation of our policies (e.g. spam, harassment, vandalism).
  • Do not redirect your Talk page to your User page — Users must not redirect their Talk page to their User page. This disables the ability for users to contact you.
  • Remember to sign all posts when leaving messages — While this is not necessarily a rule, it's still something we want everyone to remember when leaving messages on Random Central.

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